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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thank You Prime Minister

It's obvious, the excitement is just busting out of me, you can tell. I have never been prouder of a Prime Minister than I was of Kevin. I really thought here was a man that other global leaders could aspire too. He is articulate, empathetic and so educated!
Not since Paul Keating have I admired an economic mind so much.
Keeping Australia out of the global depression was nothing short of miraculous. I grew up studying economics and politics with the common phrase "when America gets a cold, Australia gets the flu". Well not this time buddy.
He was a man for all people.
I met Kevin Rudd at the State Labor conference in Launceston a couple of years ago not long after he had become Prime Minister. I remember that afternoon thinking what a wonderful country I live in when I can be with the PM in the morning and mucking out the chook shed in the afternoon.
I knew he was going to expect me to answer simple questions but even preparing myself in those minutes before we were finally face to face was a waste. I was completely overwhelmed and rendered insensible. The US presidential elections were well underway and I chose to do a Hillary Clinton dressing in a mono-colour suiting style (wish I had chosen black, much more flattering)
His speech that day was wonderful and I swear he was looking right at me when he said....

" is this big"
....his budget thank you very much!
...actually I don't remember what he said at this point but I do know that his is the photo I carry in my wallet, sorry Craig!


  1. great post Tanya, I totally agree with you and it was a sad day when we lost Kevin as PM and a ruthless way it was done. The rest of the world must think we are a pathetic nation run by factions and miners!

  2. Oh Tanya, I was there along side you when you met were totally speechless and it was so beautiful to witness, someone so totally in awe of the person they were meeting. I am sure Kevin is disappointed that he will no longer be seeing you at State Conferences either xx

  3. Happy for you that you like Kevin.
    As an anti pulp mill Tasmanian, I despair of our major parties.


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