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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Knit With Me 13

stripe moss stitch

How much did you love that last pattern, the basket stitch! It's one of my favourites. I knit a mens jumper using this stitch and alternating colour rows. I never got tired of it and I loved knitting up last weeks' square just as much. There are at least a couple dozen more patterns I would like to try out that are simply manipulating purl and knit stitches. After that there are patterns using a cable needle. Not sure if I want to get into those till I get there. I am now thinking that I would also love to do this rug in one colour like a cream and let the patterns do their own quiet talking.

Stripe Moss Stitch
this is knit over multiples of 11 + 5 so I'm casting on 46.
Row 1: K5 *(K1 P1) 3 times, K5*
Row 2: *P5 (P1 K1) 3 times* P5


  1. Firstly, what on earth are you doing up at 5.04 am?? Secondly, I agree with you about Basket Stitch - I loved it and managed to get 5 squares done this week. Thirdly, I also agree that a rug would be beautiful in one colour showing only different stitches and textures. Keep up the great selection of stitches xx

  2. The moss stitch I did on a pair of socks once and love it. Only I did two purls and two knits repeated in a creamy colored wool. I think it was some Targee that I had spun. How I long to knit but I don't seem to get much done these days.

  3. I'm still knitting my son's sweater and its stockinette all the way (sigh-boring) so I must take a break and do this square so I thank you big time. I've asked my son seems like a million times if he wants some kind of texture to his sweater and each time it was "No Mom, I like'em plain, just plain."

  4. oh Tanya I am so sorry it is so rude of me I was going to let you know I wouldn't be able to make it to the Etsy party and thanks for letting me know about it, but I forgot to do it before last night :( I really hope you had a fab night xx

  5. Hi Linda, we had a wonderful time even though getting there in the down pour was a challenge. I picked up Little Jenny Wren and Blue Paper Doll along the way. We made soooo many new friends. Hopefully we will have another that you can come too and a lot of us are thinking of meeting up for a crotchet group too!
    Slipstitches most men are like that with their sweaters. A couple of days ago I eeven found a story about a man who has published a knitting book "Knits Men Want to Wear" because he says woman use the wrong colours and patterns and men like to be plain. I think I found it over at Purl Bee.
    @Leeann, that was the really bad storm night and I was awake at about 3.30am hearing glass breaking outside and couldn't get back to sleep. Judging by my neighbours' lights up and down the street, there were a few of us up!


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