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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Lakes

Craig and his crew have now travelled higher into the highlands district where the great Lakes are. It is the middle of winter here but companies are trying to spend their maintenance budgets quickly before the end of the financial year. His crew are clearing the dead trees from the foreshore. This area will be covered in snow soon....maybe even today. The ice is very thick now.

They have built a large fire to keep them warm at lunch time and smoko (morning tea) and he takes spare clothes so he has something dry to wear on the trip home.....
and then he spends a couple of hours every evening in the cold garage building an aeroplane....but that's another story.

Update 20:15....yep it snowed on those boys today!


  1. Building an aeroplane? That sounds like a great post! I was just happy that my hubby built storage systems in the garage. I better look closely in case there's something else being built! :<)


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