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Monday, June 14, 2010

Let's Meet and Be Crafty

In honour of Etsy's Birthday there are crafty meet-ups happening all over the world on June 18th.
In Launceston it's happening at the Pilgrim Uniting Church Hall at 7pm
The theme is shapes.
Click here for more info.

It's only $5 which is to go to hall hire and tea/coffee and is the most inexpensive fun to be had.
What a great way to meet like minded people too.
Hope you locals will join me!
Are any others having their own get togethers?


  1. Darn it I will be in Melbourne that day so I am going to their party instead. But it would be so nice to have met some more of the local crafters.

  2. Rats! Glad you are going to an event though. Full report when you get back (wink)


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