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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Knit With Me 14

pique triangle stitch

This pattern is knit over multiples of 12 and is going to keep you pattern ticking I suspect but it is a lovely contrast to the ribs we have been doing. I'm casting on 48 stitches.

pique triangle stitch
Row 1: *K6, P1, K5*
Row 2: *P4, K3, P5*
Row 3: *K4, P5, K3*
Row 4: *P2, K7, P3*
Row 5: *K2, P9, K1*
Row 6: P
Row 7: *P1, K11*
Row 8: *K1, P9, K2*
Row 9: *P3, K7, P2*
Row 10: *K3, P5, K4*
Row 11: *P5, K3, P4*
Row 12: P


  1. That's a pretty one, I wish I'd found it when I was still knitting squares for my rug. Oh well, two more children are asking for rugs now that I've finished the first, so it could get used in a second one.

  2. This is a very nice one and would look good in a scarf.


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