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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Hall - Before & After

Not as dramatic as the previous post but here is the "hallway reveal"

This was the hallway "before".
Tastefully done a couple of decades ago with a somewhat Victorian era influenced wallpaper with matching borders but given the clean up required it was all quickly stripped. The Federation green was also a bit dark and solid to live with to be honest.

We've gone with a white gloss on the architraves and skirtings and "hog bristle half" on the walls as in all the other rooms. It's quiet, calm, light and above all clean.
Unfortunately the front few floorboards are so damaged that they have also been coated with BIN Zinser and painted in the gloss white. The threshold stone is a type of old cement laid over the very worn original sandstone step. It has been impossible to neutralise it so it is coated also and when our specialists can get to it, they are going to have a new sandstone one cut.

It's lovely to have the art back up on the walls again and perhaps one day we will discover a narrow little hall table.

But what's this....? Front and centre....?

Don't tell me I don't have a sense of humour!!!
(If that doesn't make sense to you and you are new to the story you might like to check out some of the other renovation posts)

We feel fresher and lighter along with the house and we finally feel very much at home.
Thank you everyone for coming on the journey as we tackled these major jobs. Thanks for your support and encouragement and excitement.
We now gather family closer around us and are busy getting ready for Christmas.


  1. Not cats !!!! Noooooooo. May the paws be with you

  2. ha ..i so got the cats picture ...i could almost get a wiff of the pee over the fresh paint smell ...he he have done an amazing job ..will have to drop in in the New Year ...XXXX

  3. the hallway looks brilliant, so much more 'airy' than the traditional green & it does open it up a lot more too
    you have done an amazing job & thanx for taking the time to show all of us
    hope you have a very merry xmas!
    thanx for sharing


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