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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rose Petal Champagne

We're making rose petal champagne for Christmas Day.
It's sitting fermenting in the coolest spot in the house in the main chimney space - what was the original kitchen fireplace. It maintains a nice 19C here year round just about. It's in sterilised plastic drink bottles so they don't explode and I periodically release some of the excess gas when the bottles feel really tight.

I'm sure Heather won't mind me sharing the recipe and I understand that it can be adapted for other ingredients like rhubarb or elderflower or what about pine needle and gorse flower....
Here is Heather's recipe and instructions....

Rose Petal Champagne

You will need: 
5-6 plastic fizzy cordial bottles and lids that are sterilised 
A funnel and a colander  
A very clean plastic bucket 1/3 full of rose flowers and 1 spare bucket 
3 ½ cups of white sugar 
1 whole lemon finely chopped 
125 ml of apple cider vinegar 
Put all the previous ingredients into the bucket and fill it with unchlorinated water and stir well. 
Cover with a finely woven cloth and put into a warm place (above 20C) for 48 hours. 
Scoop out the most of the flowers then place the colander over the spare bucket, line it with the cover cloth and strain the champagne through the cloth. 
Decant into the cordial bottles using the spout.  
Leave about a 3 cm gap at the top of the bottle. 
Store in a cool dark place for 7 days before drinking. 
Chill well before opening!! It has a tendency to shoot out of the bottle! (we keep a jug handy lol). 
The champagne will be very mildly alcoholic at 1 week but will gradually become more so as the sugar converts.

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  1. This is sooooo beautiful. I can't wait to hear how it tastes.


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