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Monday, December 19, 2016

Last Minute Gifts

I've finished all my hand-made presents and wrapping things up now. I can't really show you what I've made because that would spoil the surprises but if you are looking for some last minute ideas try these favourites from years past...

A couple of people in the family are getting new aprons
and another keen gardener is getting a load of manure

My Cake In A Jar is a neighbourly gift
or how about 

In the next couple of days I will be finalising the menu and preparing ahead some things to make the Christmas Day less hectic as this year ALL the children are home which is very special. 
And that's what I want to enjoy the most, the children and the grandchildren learning, sharing and laughing together. Thank goodness our new home is a five bedroom - we are going to fill it right up to the attic next weekend.


  1. I had a chuckle when I read that one keen gardener is getting a load of manure for Christmas. What a great gift (for the gardener and the soil)!! I worked out our Christmas menu just the other day and hope that I'll have most salads and desserts ready the day before too. Easier that way. It sounds like you'll have a full house, how lovely to be surrounded by your family. Enjoy it! Meg:)

  2. Some of your pressie ideas are wonderful, Tanya. I too love the manure for the gardener. I also like the cake in a jar...great idea...and the beer & chilli peanut brittle sounds fabulous.
    Hope you have a really lovely Christmas. And don't get too tired out! Love to you, Eileen xxx


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