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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas 2016

How Christmas unfolded for us in 2016....

The "children" are home after 3 years of travels bringing with them lots of ornaments from their adventures so the tree took on a very Scandinavian look. They even made gingerbread to hang on the tree which Julien and the poodles later picked off one by one when no-one was looking!

We made our bon bons as usual but instead of jokes we used the beer bottle caps with trivia questions. Included in the goodies were these crazy moustaches which were a lot of fun around the table and Ju thought it was hilarious.

I have acquired a pair of standing wreath hangers that I have used in the front windows. Hanging from them are ornate silver trays from the op shop painted with blackboard paint and they spread the message of Peace.

Angels by night

Silver was polished

Pine boughs were cut from the trees in the paddock

We had two formal sit downs for 12, one at lunch and one at dinner as various family came and went.

It was a dreadfully hot day of 35C and although inside was air conditioned, it was nice to enjoy the cool of the shade under the trees and loll on blankets and chat and snooze.

While others splashed under the newly installed play shower and played with Christmas bubble blowers.

The rose petal champagne was a hit and fragrant and exotic. Next year Izaac and I are going to try
with pine needles.

When night fell we accommodated ten overnight, even up in the attic. A little cottage with plenty of room.

Lots of games, shared meals, love and laughter.

Our family grows and we feel blessed. 

I'd like to share a direct quote with you from Kandee Johnson
"no matter how imperfect your Christmas may have felt...remember no one's Christmas was perfect, only some people's posts looked perfect! "
So true
But remember, 
The secret of happiness
Something To Do
Someone to Love
Something to Hope For


  1. Your Christmas looks lovey and perfect to me Tanya.
    Ours was small and quiet, and perfect to us. That photo of you and your family is beautiful. You're a bit of a knock-out aren't you?! :) Happy Christmas xxx p.s. expect mail...

  2. It depends on your definition of perfect, doesn't it? If it means we forgave each other and are still talking to each other after various squabbles and panics and burning the pavlova, then yes, our Christmas was perfect! Your lovely family looks very happy, and I'm sure you looked after them well - they are very lucky:) Wishing you much joy for the New Year to come (and less flooding..)

  3. And just like that its done for another year!! Your Christmas festivities look a lot like ours - lots of family, loads of food and plenty of mirth and merriment all round! Of course, there were the odd moments of frayed tempers (that would be me!) but yes, a Perfect Christmas!
    I'm travelling to Hobart twice a month next year and might even be brave enough to stop by, say hello and have a little peek at your adorable cottage.
    Wishing you and your family all the best in 2017….thanks for sharing your thoughts and happenings this past year!!

  4. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you! What a lovely Christmas you all had. It was hot here too and it was very busy for us, hosting a lunch for 28 then dinner for 12. We got through it but gee, it went by in a blur! Looking forward to a relaxed New Years Eve at the beach in a beautiful house we have hired for 4 nights.

    Cheers - Joolz xx


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