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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Doll Maker and Artist

A wee while ago I posted about my Matthew Simms doll 

He is a regular at Evandale Market on Sundays and I took another couple of photos of his work.
As well as his doll making with willow wood (all dressed by him too) he writes and illustrates books, paints small works and I see now he has added sewing shepherd smocks to his repertoire.

I also found this facebook page if you wanted to see more images
It hasn't been updated for some time but his work is fascinating.


  1. Years ago when he was into woodwork, I saw him crafting beautiful furniture using tools he made himself including a woodturning machine that he had made that was operated by a treadle action. I fell in love with a wattle kitchen chair he had made that did not have any screws, nails, glue etc., just held together with wooden dowels. I bought that chair and, after 20 years it is as solid as the day I bought it, the handcarved seat is the most comfortable I have ever sat on. It is a beautiful looking piece that has had a lot of comments- and I use it continually in my kitchen. I love that chair.

  2. These dolls are adorable. I would have gone crazy over them if I were there.


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