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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Layering Up

We've already had a couple of light frosts that have wiped out the pumpkins, zucchini and tomatoes but we are still covering the chillies trying to limp them a little further.
The "summer" doona is not quite warm enough some nights but we aren't ready for the deep fluffy Scandinavian downy, "winter" doona.
Adding a light layer, like this lacy piece in wool is a Goldilocks "juuust right".
It was crocheted for me by my grandmother when I was 9 yrs old and was designed as a bedspread for a single bed but it is generous enough for topping our queen. It is pure wool and washed seldom and only by gentle hands but looks almost as good today as 40 years ago. Variegated wool was quite big in the 70's. It's not a complicated pattern, just a repeated hexagonal motif, I'm not sure is grandma had a pattern or adapted it from a lace tablecloth pattern. If anyone has this pattern I would be grateful.


  1. Beautiful colours, beautiful pattern and beautiful memories. Don`t you love the cooler nights- though a bit of rain would finish it off nicely!

  2. Hi Tanya
    I found your blog as I'm beginning to dabble in preserving. I too have. Small and large Fowlers pots having inherited them from some ladies at my church. I know this link is the full pattern for the blanket but it looked similar to me, I hope it is of some help.


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