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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Guest Book With A Twist

One of my family's most treasured possessions.

It used to be the back door on the Granny flat at my mum's. For now it is in our new garden shed.

All through the years, we have recorded everyone's height.
Family, dogs and friends.
A guest book if you will but with a twist.
It makes me smile to see the girls growth charted year to year and fondly I think of special school friends that grew with them and recorded along side.
A tear comes to my eye when I see "Nanny 21.11.98" exactly a year bar one day before she died. Roxy, Jet and Indy the wonder dog, gone but never forgotten.
I see brothers, sisters-in-law, cousins, partners and

And now it waits for Julien and his cousins - the next generations.
True family treasures are irreplaceable and un-insurable. They are warp and weft of intangible weaves.


  1. Very Cool. Do you have plans to display it in the house.

  2. Oh my! What a wonderful and practical heirloom to pass on to family members.

  3. I truly regret we didn't do this with our kids. Why didn't we?! I wish we had our own door. It's a treasure Tanya x

  4. What a treasure! We did this next to a door frame and it killed me to leave it behind when we moved.


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