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Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Autumnal Things

Boys on tall shoulders and black clucky chickens...

Golden ripe quinces and wild mushroom pickin's.....

Tall banks of dahlias in which to hide in...
These are a few of my favourite things

Easter egg baskets and cloths for the dishes

Bright orange pumpkins for soup so delicious...

Adding light layers and memories they bring....
These are few of my autumnal things.


  1. Autumn, my favourite time of year....

  2. I tried to grow Dahlias last year Tanya but failed (maybe it's too hot here?)
    Yours are beautiful and I'm jealous.
    Still can't get beautiful Tassie out of my head - Tamar Valley Greek yogurt, as delicious as it is, just doesn't cut it.

  3. Friends who seem close yet are so far away;
    Touches of Autumn on a windy spring day;
    Visions of pumpkins when forsythia blooms;
    Yet here we both are with wild mushroooooms!


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