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Monday, October 7, 2013

Home of the Artisan

There is a little cafe in the township of Longford (Tasmania) making a quiet sensation and the secret cannot be kept for long.
By day a very cool cafe with great coffee (Ritual) and daily offerings of savoury muffins of pumpkin/spinach/feta/pinenut served with Bill's red capsicum relish, beautiful old fashioned style biscuits and genuine Portuguese custard tarts (I'm talking oh-so-real-butter!) just to name a few of the delectable. Lunch is seasonal and ever changing, most of the ingredients sourced from within a few kilometres.
Originally the cafe was the old apothecary of Longford and some of the original shelving lines the walls laden with Tasmanian Gourmet Kitchen preserves and gourmet nougat, hand made gifts and accessories. 

By night,
and it is only on a Thursday night,
it becomes a quiet intimate candle lit restaurant.
The menu is simple, seasonal and Tasmanian produce inspired.

The night we dined I was enchanted by the spring bouquets and the candlelight reflecting through the beautiful green water glasses. We chose to enjoy two course; a main and a dessert.
I chose confit duck leg with baby spinach, cherry jus and pomme Anna.

...and for dessert 

A poached pear in a woody flavoured syrup of cinnamon and spice served with an amazing egg-nog ice cream and rapadura sugar topping....

Fine dining without the pretence and the price.
Bookings are a must and do ring early to avoid disappointment as they are routinely booked out well in advance. 

59 Wellington St Longford Tasmania
(03) 6391 2042
Mon-Wed 09.00-16.30
Thurs 09.00-21.00
Fri 09.00-16.30

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  1. Oh Yum!
    I hope this little place is still up and running when I make it to Tassie Tanya!
    I love golden syrup pudding things (Golden Syrup Dumplings with oodles of cream are a fave of mine. In fact, last week I made them at 9.30pm because I had a craving that had to be satisfied! I felt a bit sick afterwards!)
    I have a fail-safe recipe for Portuguese Tarts that I make all the time (I'm also extremely fond of custard!) Let me know if you'd like it and I'll send you an email.
    Love to you Tanya x

  2. I can see why it is such a popular place - your dinner looks fabulous and must have tasted divine.

  3. Sitting in my office feeling very hungry ...

  4. this is my sort of place tanya..not too trumped up with foam sauces (which always reminds me of sputum) and food architecture on the plate..

  5. Oh man that looks bloody tasty!!

  6. Looks and sounds absolutely delish Tanya........special occasion?

    Claire x

  7. I think I'm off to bake some savoury muffins...


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