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Monday, October 21, 2013

Creating Unique Gifts With Red Bubble

part of a series to count you down for a homemade Christmas

During the past week I have got stuck in and made the annual preserved peel and I have trays and trays of golden stickiness drying all over the place. In a couple of days I will toss the pieces in castor sugar and store in airtight glass jars. Some will be used for the Christmas baking and while some will be stored for a years supply, a portion will be set aside in small attractive jars for Christmas presents. I know a certain chef who looks forward to the annual peel preserving quite keenly, not for baking but for snacking on. 
The juice has been turned into cordials, some for our supply but mostly for gourmet hampers for Christmas presents. It is such a good feeling to produce from your own harvest and make really delicious treats for sharing at Christmas. 

My next annual make has just been completed also.
Every year I make a calendar from the best of the blog photos throughout the year.
It is available for public purchase and I find it really great for far flung family members as they are easy to post. If you would like to do a calendar for family too I am happy to recommend Red Bubble. The quality and production are so professional and very attractive. 

I have also produced a Tasmanian calendar this year from our visits around the State.
If you would like to have a look at the calendars click on the links below each photo.
To make your own calendar it is very simple to upload your photos from file but make sure they are saved in the largest format. Red Bubble does give recommended specs but the bigger the better resolution.
Give it some thought now as it may take you a few days of fiddling and gathering of images and then you can order and have them shipped in time for Christmas giving.
You know what else is really cool (and super organising), you can also use your own images and Red Bubble can help you create your own unique Christmas Cards.

I will keep prompting you at times from now until Christmas to help you pace yourself and prepare for a home made Christmas that is stress free.

The calendars may be viewed any time by clicking the links as well at the top of the page under the blog banner.

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  1. I made calendars one year for family Christmas gifts. I added special dates (anniversaries and birthdays) to help remind everyone of those occasions.


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