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Friday, October 4, 2013

Books/Marjorie Bligh - Living Better Oct '13 Part IV

The final part post about our Living Better group meeting....
(I told you it was a big one!)
At the time of our meeting last week, Marjorie Bligh had just passed away at the age of 96. She was described by many as a housewife superstar. If you google her name there is a wealth of images and information about this woman lesser known outside of Tasmania and certainly belonging to a previous generation, yet her wisdom and advice is still as valuable and pertinent today.

She wrote many books and the one that own as seen above is called Homely Hints on Everything. Jo leafed through the book sharing wonderful snippets from egg preservatives to lemon tree pruning to enamel paint...

"Trouser tip: Sew a couple of buttons to the inside back of bottom of leg. The shoe or boot then rubs on the button and not the trouser hem."

As Jo read us these little snippets, Katherine was able to expand further on the life of Marjorie Bligh as she had read her biography. 

Katherine told us about her home famous landmark home in Campbeltown called "Climar" (the first three letters of her husband's and her name-a common practice here in the 1950s). It was the dream home she built with her first husband. The unique fence of musical notes is from "The Melody of Love".
She was a resourceful woman who wasted nothing and made homemaking a mission of passion and love.

"The Weed Forager's Handbook" was again a favourite reference book at the meeting. It is written by Adam Grubb and Annie Raser-Rowland and is an Australian guide to edible and medicinal weeds. The references pictures and drawings are particularly helpful and clear and pertinent.

I also brought along Australaian Poultry Aug/Sept '13 issue. Articles included; identifying predators, best practice worming and feeding and biosecurity in fowl yards.
I don't buy every issue but always find something interesting a few times a year. It is also a good resource for finding local breeders or clubs and sourcing equipment and supplies.

"The Hedgerow Handbook" is a new addition to my library and though it is distinctively British, it features many of the plants that were introduced into Tasmania by the first English settlers into a climate not dissimilar. Hedgerows are a common feature in rural areas here. As a resource for recipes and remedies it is an interesting and welcome addition and I'm sure we'll be referencing it often.

The Living Better group meets on the last Thursday night of each month except December from 7-9pm upstairs at the Launceston Workers Club.
It is a free and informal group.
All are welcome.

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  1. An interesting post. I'd love to tour Marjorie's house.


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