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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Free Patterns For New Arrivals

I have been knitting up a storm.
We are expecting a new arrival at the beginning of April.
I am discovering the joys of top down knitting (no sewing! he he)
And this little sock pattern is a big winner. 
Every sock knitter has some left overs for these!
The little cardigan is from a free Ravelry pattern here.


  1. Oh Tanya, that little cardie (and those socks!) is gorgeous. I wish I could knit, well I know I could learn (even though I'm a bit all fingers and thumbs!), maybe next year when the weather cools down again. Too hot to knit here in Summer. Even with the air con blasting.
    So tell me are you going to become a grandma/nana in April? x

  2. I was just standing at the sink thinking “Oh dear, perhaps I should have made it clear that it wasn’t Craig and I expecting but rather the youngest daughter”

  3. Ooooh, squeals of excitement! How wonderful, a new little person in the family!
    They are the fabbest baby socks I have ever seen! Congratulations to all! xx

  4. What darling little things Tanya, knitted with love and care......
    This bub is going to be wearing lots of wonderful handknits through out his/her life......

    CLaire x

  5. SOooooo cuuuuuuute! How exciting! Congratulations!


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