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Saturday, April 14, 2012

More From The Bruny House

One of things I love most about the house on Bruny Island is that it re-affirms that one needn't spend a lot of money to make a comfortable and stylish home. Definitely imagination and flair are handy but many of the materials can be sourced for free or re-cycled with minimal costs.
I adore the fencing wire fruit baskets.

and the warm timber tones and free-formed bench tops and trims.

This bench is made from a large tree slab and is supported by a natural branch from the surrounding bush.

The old worn stools are creatively redressed in new recycled leather covers still holding charm and functionality for next to nothing.

These unusual window coverings are simple panels of heavy cream canvas like material that is cut the full drop of the window and "hemmed" at the bottom with a piece of driftwood that weights the drops in place. When not in use they fold up and hang from a very simple wooden curtain rod. Strings of shells from the beach also carry the linear look between the drops.

Another heavy woollen drape in cream with simple red stripes is perfect against all the nature honey colours of the timber. 
Honeyed timber, cream fabrics and touches of red all hint to the classic Scandinavian style of the owner.


  1. It's stunning, and your photos are fantastic. I'd like to go there for a holiday... or forever!

  2. It's a gorgeous/interesting house that's for sure Tanya.
    Wish I'd seen this post before we replaced our kitchen cabinets with new (and far too expensive) handles, those cut-outs look brilliant.

  3. Very resourceful design .. with great purpose. I LOVE the barn type door.

  4. I really need to win the lottery so I can go visit that place! It speaks to me on such a deep level.

  5. what an amazing house..i just love everything about it especially the philosophy behind it..

  6. This house is so beautiful and creatively put together. This would be my dream holiday destination any day over a five star hotel. Looks like you had an amazing time too. And loving the bath too!


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