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Monday, April 2, 2012

Autumn at Wychwood (Tasmania)

It's autumn in Tasmania and arguably the most beautiful time of the year here, 
and it doesn't get any more beautiful than Wychwood Gardens.

Or more autumnal.

We revisited the gardens at the weekend for a special heritage apple day.

A bonus was some luscious special interest cars also having a day out...

I found more to love and inspire at every turn.

Amazing apples tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful.
    We must go there.
    You have a great eye Tanya


  2. Great photos! I have to agree that Autumn is beautiful in your area.

  3. Houston, we have a problem!
    It's still snowing here in the interior Pacific northwest of the US. YOU, my dear, YOU are responsible for showing me lovely summer photos until I have my own summer (or at least spring) weather to enjoy.
    Yes, yes, the cars are tres cool. And yes, your photos are getting so much better. But I do implore (beg, demand, plead for) that you keep the flowers coming. It's the only way I can get through the fencing projects with the hail hitting me from all sides.
    Thank you.

  4. Wow, such wonderful pictures! And those red toadstools (AKA mushrooms, fungi) are especially beautiful. But if they are Amanita muscaria -- and they look like it -- they are very poisonous and hallucinogenic so don't touch!

  5. I so wish we had been able to visit on the weekend but we had already booked for the Rare Day Out at Mt gnomon farm (which was fantastic!) Will have to get down soon though, Autumn does look spectacular there!

  6. It looks like such a magical place. I love the pics of the toadstools :)

  7. Great photos!

    Pleased you are feeling much better.

  8. They look like wonderful gardens and some very picturesque areas.

  9. Wychwood is one of my most favourite places, going there always reminds me how lucky we are to live in Tasmania. Thanks for the gorgeous photos too! (love the Citroen as well!!)

  10. Great photos! I just love the one with the wrought iron gate.

  11. Gorgeous photos Tanya; it's such a beautiful place!


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