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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bruny Island Stay - A Special Bathroom

We recently stayed on Bruny Island south of Hobart and stayed in a unique residence belonging to one of the islands artists. I have to say (as you will see by the photos) that the bathroom was my favourite room and  enchanted me. 
The old cast iron claw foot bath is nestled beneath windows offering views of private bushland and a plethora of bird life. 

The timber throughout is mostly free-formed and natural branches and drift wood make handles and towel rails.

Simple structures and shelving feature natural forms and copper headed nails adding warmth and interest to a normally cold utilitarian space.

Furniture and fittings are simple and uncluttered recycling old materials like this bathroom cabinet.

A couple of the walls also received a quirky hand-painted Regency stripe style design, but just look at the doors...

The other side gives a clue to their former use and position. They have once belonged to a pub somewhere but are now sporting unique driftwood handles and creamy canvas blinds for privacy.

The shower is the pise de resistance. A very generously proportioned space giving the illusion of being outside in a way.

Corrugated iron and large glass wall combined with natural timber logs and stones from the area all help to make the outdoors feel in.

Sea glass, broken china and bright pebbles....

old bottles and cup handles....

I have done some mosaic work like this before and it is a favourite of mine.
Building on a shoe-string need not lack beauty and abundance.

Just divine!


  1. Such an interesting bathroom. I've never seen anything like the shower floor. It's fantastic!!

  2. What a quirky little bathroom Tanya. I like it too.

  3. What an amazing place a big old bath by a window, luxury.

    Sounds like it was the perfect place to spend an enjoyable and relaxing weekend.......

    Claire X

  4. Such a gorgeous place! What a wonderful place to have a break! We have been meaning to get to Bruny ever since we moved here - I think this winter will have to be the one!

  5. What a fantastic bathroom! I love the shower floor and the driftwood details.


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