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Monday, April 16, 2012

Adventure Day - Liffey Falls

Sometimes at our house we declare an "Adventure Day".
By name and definition it leaves the day open for anything. 

I've already shared with you before one of my favourite sayings,
"If it's to be, it's up to me"
For me "Adventure Day" holds the same positive energy. A day for exploring and discovering without complicated planning or lots of money. A day only limited by your imagination.

Not just for little kids but for grown up ones as well.
Emma and I headed for Liffey Falls and along the way we talked about
 life, love and expectations
We found rushing pure water, flowing helter skelter. Noisy white and foamy, carving tracks through solid rock.

We found still, calm pools crystal clear and serene reflecting blue skies.

The incredibly vivid purple fruit of the Blue Flax Lily standing out proudly against the subtle greens of the surrounding bush.

Worlds within worlds.
This mossy fern covered log reminded me of Waldorf playscapes.

Adventure Day is about exploring all the possibilities and wondering what lies around the next bend.
It's easy to have adventure days when your children are young but it's just as rewarding and special when they are grown too.


  1. A lovely post describing a lovely day. Beautiful pics. M x

  2. Emma is beautiful (just like her Mum)
    I love the idea of adventure days Tanya. Sadly though, at the moment my girls idea of adventure, involves a day of spending up big at the shops! We had lots of adventures when they were little, and I'm sure we'll have them again in the future. Fingers crossed.

  3. What a wonderful thing to do 'Adventure Day' must try that here. See if I can get Chris out of the study......

    Beautiful place you visited Tanya thee pics are lovely and how nice to have Emma with you to share the adventure.

    Those blue Flax Lily fruit/berries are an amazing colour.

    Another beautiful Autumn day but hopefully some rain over the next couple of days...the garden is looking for a drink.

    Claire x

  4. Great post, Tanya. One of my favourite all-time Tasmanian places.

  5. Beautiful pics Tanya, thanks for sharing your day with us.. Tasmania is fabulous place to live :))

  6. A lovely post Tanya with some beautiful photos. I didn't know that dianellas had another name ie blue flax lillies. I love those vivid blue berries and because they clump so quickly I have a huge area of them in one of my garden beds.


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