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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Store Updated With Seeds

The soap has all sold out and another batch a little way off so I have updated the shop
"Jubilee Jumble" button at the top
with saved seeds.
Some are ready for sowing now in the Southern Hemisphere and others are right for the Northern Hemisphere.

As promised I have Rat Tail Radish seeds available and they ready to be sown in Spring.

Coriander seed is available now and contrary to popular belief this is best sown now and up until early winter, particularly in Tasmania where it bolts to seed in Spring. It is such a welcome hit of fragrant lush green in the dreary depths of winter.

As is the cross bred green leaf that we grow through the winter yummy in stir-frys but also great as salad. You can eat the stems, leaves and flowers. 
Also available for those in the Northern Hemisphere for Spring/Summer planting are the giant sunflowers.
One hundred percent of the cost for these goes to helping fight against Youth Suicide and Depression.

Read about the cause here.
Please don't forget to calculate you postage. If you are unsure, email me and I can send you a complete remittance.

1 comment:

  1. Our garden is going to be a huge mess due to reno's otherwise I'd definetely buy some of those seeds. I ended up giving the sunflower seeds to friends - no flowers yet, but all doing well.

    p.s. we have still got lots of hot weather here 38+ all next week! Plenty of sun for those sunflowers!

    p.p.s how nice to read your husband's home Tanya, have fun x


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