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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Get The Straw In

Summer season is winding down and a lot of work is concentrated in the kitchen preserving but....
Don't Stop Yet!
Keep that momentum going for just a little longer. 
There are a few jobs to be done yet for winter ahead.
Now is the ideal time to buy your straw and get in some manure.
Pea straw is available now either in the paddock or delivered, whatever suits your circumstances best.
The key here is to think ahead over a whole year though. Most people only think in the moment or one season when it comes to straw and by summer when you are needing mulch it is an astronomical price.
What will you use it for?
Mulch; for trees and beds over winter suppressing weeds, adding nitrogen and also for conserving moisture during the next summer period - that's going to take a few bales!
Compost; to actively heat your pile with layers of brown and green waste.
Chook pen; for dry bedding underfoot and for insulation.

If you live in a cold district, stacking some bales against the an exposed side of the hen house helps insulate. This straw stays relatively dry on the bottom layers with little spoilage and is a great resource come spring.

Conserve that baling twine too for all your tying up jobs around the garden. It's great for temporary fencing, beans trellising and tomato staking.
I go through at least 20 bales a year and I always get to summer and wish I had more.
I like pea straw because it is quite clean and if any peas germinate they are easily dealt with. Because it is a vine product, the trash spread tends to stay entwined and thick on beds and resists being blown by the wind and dashed by the rain. 
Be aware of the type of straw that you use in poultry sheds. You don't want it to be too dusty or mouldy as this can cause respiratory problems in your hens.
So make a list and check it twice and then order twice as much as you think and you should be about right for the year.


  1. This is why I love visiting your space Tanya, I always learn something new :)
    I had no idea that the humble straw bale has so many uses...thanks for enlightening me.


  2. Great post Tanya, love the idea of storing the pea straw against the chook shed for insulation.

    I love using pea straw but at present we are working through our supply of straw from my sisters farm.
    It's nice to have a good supply as we certainly use enough of the stuff.

    Was hoping to whipper snip today but it's refusing to start, so I've resorted to cleaning out the garage after we got some water in there last week. Oh well, it had to be done........

    Claire :}


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