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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hero Bugs

It's been a particularly fungal year here around the squash plants and zucchinis but I don't use any sprays. I try to periodically clear spent leaves back to new and fresh ones and the plant keeps producing just fine.
When I trim back the leaves I check them out and make sure these guys make it back to the plant.
They are my heroes.
The job is enormous and they are so small but they keep busy all day munching away at the fungus.
Little troopers!
How could you bear to spray and wipe these guys out?


  1. Ummm I have never noticed them here. NExt season I will keep a look out...

  2. I love these little bugs... I learnt last year what a good job they were doing in my garden! I am also getting the hang of which ones are the bad bugs (those orange ladybugs with lots of black spots), but unfortunately it seems that for every good one we have, there is a bad one too.

  3. Those bugs work overtime here in Brisbane and i've been lucky that so many come and help me out with the mildew etc on the zucchinis :-)


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