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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home For A Few Days...

You may have heard about the widespread torrential rain and flooding in Western New South Wales and that means wet sheep so....
my man came home to me for a few days!
That's what has been keeping me (busy) quiet for a few days.
The first thing he did was a blitz on the garden, especially the edges.

Sorting and labelling saved seed is high on the agenda also.

And Tomatoes....
 are a huge preoccupation also.
I spend a lot of time every morning picking and bottle twice a week.
There are tomatoes in baskets, boxes on benches and trays all over the kitchen and the dining room table. 
But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Most people around me are complaining about their tomato crops.
It's been a very, very dry hot year and all I can say is that watering is key.
Water enables the plant to not only drink but cope with respiration from leaf surface area which is large. It also makes nutrients available in soluble solution for the plant to take up.
By watering I mean deep soaking once a week so that the sub-soil is damp. Most people sprinkle for five minutes with a hose every few days and that really isn't going to cut it I'm afraid. You are better off leaving the hose on the root area at a slow drip for hours.
Some people kept praying for rain which didn't come. Well the proof is in the pudding there and you can't blame the tomato variety or the weather. As a suburban grower you are well set up and able to irrigate.
Remember my favourite saying, and you can use it here for sure...

"IF  IT'S  TO  BE  IT'S  UP  TO  ME"


  1. It sure is wet in this country at the moment and a lot of people will be affected.
    I wish my tomatoes grew like yours, my problem was the opposite ...too much water.

  2. Awesome tomatoes!

    How nice to have your fella back... not just for the jobs he did either!

  3. I've been watching the floods on the's pretty terrifying. I hope you guys are safe.
    That's one impressive tomatoe crop :)


  4. Just leaving NZ (home to Canada) and must say I have had the tastiest tomatoes I have had in years....yours look as good.

  5. Oh, beautiful toms! I usually go away over Christmas, just when they are needing the most care - I come back to rambling triffids or stunted dwarfs! And our thoughts are with those in NSW :(

  6. Hey Tanya how nice to have Craig home for a few days...........

    Those toms look absolute delish. I 'm sure you'll be enjoying that lovely flavour of Summer throughout the Winter months.

    It's been hot and dry in your neck of the woods and relatively mild here.
    Usually by Autumn I am sick to death of Summer, but not so this year.........

    A fine day here, but the wind has sprung up, so that will help dry things out.

    Hope your week is going well,

    Claire :}

  7. Your tomato crop looks wonderful! So glad that you and Craig have had some time together :-)

  8. I think about your husband a lot. Ever since you wrote that oh-so-sweet post about his having to leave home periodically to work as a sheep shearer. I've seen those guys at work and what a job! In fact, I'm sure you know this, but I heard recently that his work is considered THE hardest work of all (

    And those tomatoes! I yearn for such tomatoes. Our summer season is coming soon and maybe I'll have better luck this year. But I'll never have a crop that looks like yours. Many congratulations (on the tomatoes and on having Mr. Suburban Jubilee home).


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