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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Processing the Pickled Nasturtium Pods

OK so the Nasturtium pods have been in a heavy brine solution for 48 hours.
The next step is to rinse them with plenty of cold water.
I have used the cutest, smallest Fowlers jars and placed the 2" rubber seals around the top. Make sure they are nice and fitted without any kinks. Soaking the seals in hot water for a couple of minutes makes them easier to manage.
Now fill the jars with the pods leaving a small amount of room for head space.

Fill with a mixture of 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water, again leaving a space of about half a centimetre from the top. If you don't allow a bit of room the lid cannot compress and create the vacuum seal.
I like to use stainless steel lids.
Place them on top and clamp in place with a 2" clamp.
So cute!...(did I already say that?)

Because these jars are so small the Fowlers pot is going to be complete overkill. They need to be processed in a water bath so you could use a stock pot for this size but be sure to use a cake rack or something to lift them directly off the bottom.
I am using my pasta pot as it is a regular stock pot size and has this great insert that will slip into the water and keep my jars suspended from the bottom.

Fill the pot with cold water till it is a little over three quarters up the side of the jar. Bring to 160F slowly and maintain there for 45 mins. I've lost my thermometer and only have the Fahrenheit one so...C?
Allow to cool slowly and leave the clamps in place for about 12 hours to ensure a good seal.
They are ready to use in about two weeks but will keep bottled this way for years.
Did I mention they look so cute!


  1. Hi Tanya,
    Thanks for your reply. I've now created a new email address and enabled it, thanks to the links (only took me two hours!), but I can't reply to your comment on my blog using your email. I don't know if I've done it wrong altogether so can you just try it back to me?

  2. They look amazing Tanya !
    I'm going to have to plant some nasturtiums next year - yummo.
    Your little vacola jars are exceptionally cute - where ever did you find them.
    Recipe is really easy to follow too.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I have it bookmarked for use this summer!

  4. I'm going to ask a duh, question since I'm totally ignorant on this issue. What do you do with nasturtium pods after you can them?

  5. they do look absolutely gorgeous..What number is that fowlers jar by the way?

  6. Hi, I did receive a gorgeous gift from a lovely lady for xmas and it was one of your soaps...just gorgeous...and now reading your blog...excited. but i would like to ask one question. what do you do with the pods and what do they taste like? really everything here so far...cheers tam.

  7. Hi Tamsin, hope you enjoy the soap. It will make your skin really soft. We use the pickled pods just as you would capers. They are lovely sprinkled through a pasta or eaten on toast with pork rillette or salmon.

  8. hello there! i just found your blog as i am about to start doing some preserves in my tiny #3 and #10 jars (my mum's old jars) and was looking for others who'd found the rings... i was wondering where you got the white rings for yours? i haven't seen the white ones for sale anywhere? thanks so much, virginia

  9. wow, I love capers, would be great to try these


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