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Tuesday, February 15, 2011




Words fail though nearly every superlative is employed when anyone tries to describe this.....
Please click the link above to glimpse somehow THE most philanthropic gift of the past 100 years.
This is a private collection of vast proportions,
housed in THE most stunning architectural structure of magnificence,
AND it is offered to the people....

Ancient Egyptian antiquities displayed alongside boundary-pushing-controversial modern art pieces.
The whole tour is guided by i-phone pads that constantly update your geographical location to provide information about all the works of art.
It was emotional, breathtaking, wondrous
and though we spent hours there on Saturday, we only scratched the surface.
When we arrived home, we logged in to re-live the tour in 3-D on the computer....
We are so keen to go back again very soon.
Like many visitors this past month, you MUST come from far and wide to see this.


  1. It is amazing isn't it. I was reluctant to go after all the hype. I took the two older boys (10 & 12) and we all left feeling like we had experienced something really good. I will go back with the hubby soon. What is SO amazing is it is free!


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