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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Economics at the Growers' Market

Today was an interesting day in the Ut si growers' marketplace. I sold eggs, squash, beans and beetroot
I bought a grapevine, some rhubarb, breakfast and best of all peanut brittle.
I managed to keep the Suburban Jubilee economy just in the black but what wonderful trading partners.
The other growers were all doing the same thing too.
Familiar faces are now recognisable amongst the customers and it is lovely to be building the rapport and getting feedback and lovely praises.
The atmosphere is very relaxed and congenial and much knowledge is passed along; growing tips, recipes and such.

One extremely valuable encounter I had during a quiet period was when an older man visiting the area companionably pulled up a bench seat beside me and gave me the benefit of his knowledge of bottling the Fowlers way (canning). He has been doing it for nearly as long as I have been alive and he gave me such encouragement and confidence and re-newed my persuasions. I have been longing to have such a chat with one like him. The encounter was priceless. That was my "it doesn't get any better than this" moment for the day, and I like to acknowledge at least one of those moments in every day.

It's now the end of the day and Craig is working at a function earning some "plane money" (and that's another post) and I am having my first cigar in three years (it's a matter of finding an opportunity when I am sans Craig) and enjoying a red wine and some Jane Austen.
I can't help wishing Ms Austen were able to speak from the grave and tell me what she thinks of my enjoying a cigar whilst reading the intricacies of "good manners" and feminine sensibilities of the early 1800s. I rather think she might be more intrigued by Craig building a plane in our garage though.
Hope to see the Tasmanian readers at the next growers' market at Ut si, Main Rd Perth in another fortnight on the 19th of Feb from 8-11 and do say hello and introduce yourselves, I would love to meet you.


  1. Yes, I wonder what Ms. Austen would think????


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