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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Butterfly Net

The Universe loves me.
And here is an example....
It happens to me all the time.
This week I said to Craig,
"You know I hate using chemicals even the "good" ones, what I really need to control the cabbage moths is a butterfly net. Do you reckon I could make one?"
Well the next day,
the VERY next day,
I walk into an op shop and there it is.
A perfectly beautiful, vintage, hand knotted butterfly net.
It was $5.00...but I didn't have any cash because I had just bought lunch for my poor friend and you have to spend $10 if using eftpos.
I was not going to let this gift from the universe slip away.
"That's OK, just charge me $10"
it's a charity shop so I figure it's all for a good cause.
At that very moment the volunteer ladies of the shop realise that the lady before me has just stolen a royal commemorative plate.
So not only am I having a "good karma" day but I'm immediately clocking up more, I refilled what that thief took....
How convoluted is that though? Life is like the butterfly net; lots of threads all twisted and woven together.

Sometimes I wish for things but they are not always right for me.
A lot of the time though I find everything works just how it's supposed to.
I may not have a lot of money or a dead easy leisurely lifestyle but
I have enough
and I have what I need
and so long as every day contains one of those
"It doesn't get any better than this..." moments,
then I am blessed.
The dreaded cabbage moth sipping innocently from my Buddleia, unfortunately it is a life cycle I have to reduce. I figure they at least have a fighting chance with my netting skills. My theory is reduce the numbers, not wipe them out entirely, because everything has it's place in the system. If you use chemicals it's upsetting that balance.


  1. Hey Tanya, well done with the butterfly net.
    The cabbage moths have been here in plague proportions. Rotten little things, I like to use a badminton raquet and chase them round the garden as they can see you coming and are quick to get out of the way.
    Badminton raquets, have long handles and are light weight, good practice for hand eye co-ordination too.............

    Claire :}

  2. i love this story of the butterfly net. I love it when things like that happen and when it is something so 'out there' as a butterfly net (something I have never seen in an op shop) it really makes it feel like it was just 'meant to be' (P.s please give my apologies to your friend about the cupboard - what a small world!)

  3. What a beautiful butterfly net - and what a beautiful moment. Fantastic. It is great when everything in the universe lines up like that isn't it?

  4. great find at the oppie Tanya !

    And if some people are a bit squimish about splatting the cabbage whites, you can put them in a jar and pop them in the freezer - they just sort of slow down then stop, no pain apparently. Then if you were really knacky - you could pin them out into a collage of dried moths.

    i still haven't planted my winter brassicas . . . :(

  5. The Universe certainly does love you, what a very unlikely thing to be in a charity shop as a butterfly net! Long may it continue.


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