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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Wall

There are two magnificent heritage walls in the Hobart Botanic Gardens, one is called the Arthur Wall and the other the Eardley-Wilmott Wall named after the two Governors who ordered the construction of them. The walls are heated by a system of furnaces and flues. 

They were started in 1829, built using convict labour and the Eardley-Wilmott is 280 metres long containing thousands of hand made bricks upon an initial construction of sandstone blocks providing and inner and outer skin. The walls were used in Europe to extend the growing season for fruit trees and provide frost protection.

They were only heated for a few years after realising that the climate really wasn't as severe as European conditions and while cold, snowfall was typically on the mountains. Now the walls provide a beautiful private backdrop and support for climbers.

Here is the map for the Royal Botanic Gardens in Hobart.


  1. How interesting. I'm sure the plants wouldn't mind if it were still heated.

  2. Fascinating. I've seen something similar in Cornwall, England, but on a much smaller scale and from memory I think it was for growing pineapples!

  3. I love those walls and my kids have enjoyed them as much as I did, weaving in and out through the arches:)

  4. Sally I think the people wouldn't mind if it was still heated would be a huge attraction.


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