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Monday, July 26, 2010

Lunch at the Gorge

"The Gorge" is located right in the heart of Launceston and a spectacular spot for picnics, exercising, weddings and more. It's picturesque and stunning in any season. The daffodils are sending up their green strappy leaves ready for carpets of yellow in a month or two. The peacocks are a favourite with everyone, except maybe the coffee shop and restaurant know what I'm talking about.

My mother has a couple of special friends and they catch up regularly. My aunt was visiting and so was my daughter Emma so we had an extra special girl catch up.
The Gorge Restaurant is doing a winter special at the moment and is such a cosy, quiet place to be and it felt absolutely decadent for three course lunch!

These look like they could be the original light fixtures. They are on a lowering chain and pulley system and the base originally held kerosene and wick.

These cataract cliff grounds have been enjoyed by all since the late 1800s and the restaurant has a wonderful collection of photographs over the decades with many of the original buildings still in evidence but it is the many species of flora that has matured over the time.  Overseas visitors are also charmed by the frequent appearances of wallabies, paddymelons, potoroos and other mammals. How lucky we are that generations before had the forethought to set this space aside for all to enjoy.


  1. Ok, I'm only over the ditch but even I don't know what a paddymelon and a potteroo is! Please educate me!

  2. What a wonderful place our Gorge is. Truly, right in the middle of the city, it's like an oasis! Thanks for sharing lovely Tanya. xx

  3. you sound like you've been having such a lovely time with family get togethers - so nice to get to the Gorge in this season - sort of misty and timeless

  4. Dear Ms Lottie, I have gone back in and added links to "pademelon" and "potoroo". These two wallaby-types are quite common here in Tas. Thanks for the nudge, it is probably helpful for others also. Cheers

  5. I have given you two blog awards that you can pick up at my blog. Have a great day.

  6. It is a truly stunning place. I haven't been there for years though, must do that...


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