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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Knit With Me 19

star fish stitch

This stitch is easier than it looks and visually it will be a great contrast to a lot of the rib-type squares we have done. It is knit over multiples of 7 + 5. I am casting on 40 stitches for my square.

Row 1 and alt rows: *P5, K2 tbl*, P5.
Row 2 and alt rows: K5, *P2tbl, K5*

When the knit piece is finished, you are going to take a tapestry needle and draw the alternate k2 ribs together every 10 or 20 rows so bear that in mind when you are knitting your square so you can make the appropriate number of rows.
Thank you for all the lovely comments from everyone. It is lovely to hear from you even if you are not knitting along and it keeps the project going. If you are not knitting along now, the patterns are always here for you when you are ready. I would like to send a special cheerio to my sister-in-law this week who is very busy with federal election campaigning and hope that she finds the knitting time to keep her sanity.

Leeann's stack at Knit One Craft Two


  1. Thank you darling busy I haven't even had any time or energy to do my knitting. The first time in 19 weeks of your challenge, I haven't done one single stitch!!!

  2. I'm sure you make it look easy, lol. I've certainly been doing plenty of eyeing off of knitting needles and yarn. If I start now I might actually have something by next winter, maybe...:)

  3. wooow that looks tricky !
    ditto nerines - we should take Kates (Foxeslane) example of launching into knitting in a big and obviously productive way !


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