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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Japanese Garden

Stunning in every season is the Japanese garden designed by a landscape architect from Yaizu, Hobarts' sister city  in Japan.

In the spring it features cherry blossom, through summer, irises and water lilies. In autumn the maples are fiery spectacles and in winter the skeletonised trees and conifers provide lovely sculptural background for grasses and camellias and azaleas.

It was a shame that we only had our phones with which to take photos but this part of the Hobart Botanic Gardens is easily our favourite.

It really is another world for quiet contemplation and always gives me inspiration. Our emphasis in the garden has been very much directed towards growing food, but beauty like this is food for the soul. It reminds me that balance is the key.


  1. Out of all our trips to the Bot gardens - I have neer been to the Japanese Garden - lovely pics even from the phone - I think a Spring outing is on the cards :)

  2. There's something in the Japanese garden that makes a tocking sound, tock...tock is it drops its funnel of water. What is that? does anyone know? There's something very soothing about it:)

  3. Hi Nerines, the tock tock sound is a water opperated bamboo device originally designed to scare deer. It is called a shishi odoshi. It is also used to scare birds and other small animals away from crops etc.

  4. Another great place to visit, even better my Japanese friend will be with me. Thanks Tanya

  5. Oooh...that's so clever, gosh I would have made a terrible deer or bird, finding that sound soothing and all:)
    Thanks for letting me know.

  6. I always love gardens with bridges going over running water. So tranquil. This garden looks so good. I hope you get a chance to visit in the summer too.

  7. Very beautiful! Love visiting places like that. So peaceful and tranquil.


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