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Monday, January 11, 2010

Slow Life Lived Fast

It's been a HUGE weekend, emotionally and physically.

Friday morning one of Craig's workers went missing in the bush in the North-East area of the State. The gang searched for several hours in terrible heat and trudged many miles. Craig came home bone weary, leaving the police in charge. We were all very tense and anxious for 24 hours and a bit teary too. Thankfully he was found wandering 24hours later.

Tegan came up from Hobart for the weekend and we went to the handmade market in Launceston on Saturday where it is great to see talented people using their skills and doing a lot of recycling. In the afternoon we held a Tupperware party with everyone enjoying long drinks of homemade blackcurrant cordial in air conditioned comfort. Outside the temperature climbed to 31 degrees.

Sunday market again for some fresh produce, this time some long beetroot and raspberries for jam. I also found some vintage curtain fabric from 1957 and some buttons to match and it could become a skirt or a magazine swap bag....or both! Then it was off to the racing stables at Longford for a ute load of horse manure for the vegie patch. On the way home we decided to have an impromptu picnic at the river in Longford.

After some gardening and of course shovelling the manure, it was time for a clean up and a beautiful three course dinner at a friend's place. Whew, I'll be glad to get back to work tomorrow!

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  1. Ah! Fresh raspberries. I'm so jealous! We have freezing rain right now, with a few inches of snow predicted by morning. I bought frozen raspberries yesterday to put in a recipe for "fresh raspberry muffins."
    Let's trade places for a day or two, shall we?


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