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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Productive Leisure

Yesterday was bright and breezy with a continued strange calm of the holiday time when there are still so many people away and those left behind are in a more than relaxed mode. We had a couple of groups of visitors for coffee in the morning and then a "Christmas" with Craig's family later in the evening.

In between visitors there was some gardening and harvesting. I have harvested the last of the peas and this area is now sown with beetroot and khol rabbi seeds. I've also started a new garden near the house for some capsicum and chilli seedlings in the hope that the radiant heat from the brickwork will help. I've never been very successful growing these plants here in Tas. I'm also experimenting with a capsicum planted in an old car tyre, again, trying to create a warmer environment. There was also some more butter beans to harvest too. As a child I was really disapointed that butter beans didn't taste buttery at all, but I am more than happy now with their vigorous cropping and beautiful light yellow colour, giving us some lovely variety. I also have Blue Lake beans coming on and Scarlet Runners too, so we will be enjoying some lovely mixed bean salads. Some people think shelling fresh peas is too much work, but I think thats because they don't prepare for the job with a comfy position and a chair and a positive frame of mind. If you value the task, then whatever you do is a joy. Don't be stressful thinking about what else you should be doing etc etc. The job at hand is important and valid. There is nothing better than the months ahead, sitting down to dinner enjoying peas from the spring/summer. The ground was prepared, the seed sown, watering, weeding, harvesting and shelling. Slow food at its best grown with love and nuturing the same.

Wish you could smell the heady plum aroma coming from this mixed box of plums from my friend's garden. Such a summery smell. Even better was the fragrance (if a little boozy smelling because of the yeast) of Craig's homemade bread and rolls for dinner last night.

Too good to be true...almost

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