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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

See How they Grow

The little ones have sprouted lots of primary feathers on their wings. Hmmm we have a suspicion that these are NOT the pure Australorp they were promised to be! White feathers amongst the black???

They are becoming more aware of their environment and you can see a long branch of seed head from tatsoi in the vegie garden hanging down in the enclosure. This is more for their amusement than as a food source. I change it every couple of days for some other seed head. When poultry are in numbers and a confined space, boredom may lead to unwanted pecking and injuries.

It is interesting to see that even at 10 days there is already a social order emerging. Also we are seeing some male and female behaviour traits emerging. The males are more upright and enquiring, especially at unusual noises, whereas the females have a ducking down posture.

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