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Monday, January 4, 2010

Fruit Abounds

Yesterday morning I went to the Evandale market with friends and there were farmers and producers galore with so much fresh produce. Cherries were everywhere followed closely by raspberries, but the real treat I found was some beautiful blackcurrants. I bought a kilo with thoughts of jam but by the time I headed for home I had resolved to make cordial. I have a very old Fowlers Vacola book and took my recipe from there; For every pond of fruit, add half a pround of sugar and a half pint of water. As I was "de-stalking" the blackcurrants they had a smell like mown hay almost. Once they were in the pot warming though they released their unmistakable blackcurrant smell and the colour released was a glossy red with fuscia pink foamy edges. Once the syrup had cooked a little I then decanted it into sterilised bottles but I'm sure it won't last long!
While I was on a role I also made a double batch of plum sauce using a recipe from Stephanie Alexander's Cook's Companion. I consider this book my bible for the kitchen (followed by Mrs Beeton's of course). So much wonderful fragrance in the kitchen, definitely signalling the start of summer for me!

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