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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Ultimate Coconut Ice Recipe

This was a firm favourite growing up and I have memories of Mum making this recipe in triple batches and more for Christmas giving and for school fetes. It is not the average run of the mill coconut ice recipe, You'll want to pin this one. I know, because Mum lost the recipe about 30 years ago and it has been the subject of regular hunting ever since. She vaguely recalled the ingredients but not the quantities and every likely book she saw in an op-shop had us checking indexes and suffering endless disappointments. 
At last! The recipe is found. In an old school recipe compilation from her old home town in outback Queensland (with contribution credit to a relative of hers) I give you the ultimate Coconut Ice recipe, that it may never be lost again!
Be warned though, it is seriously divine and you will NOT stop at two pieces....

Creamy Coconut Ice

1lb icing sugar
8oz desiccated coconut
1 teas vanilla
2 egg whites
4 oz butter
pink food colouring

Mix sifted icing sugar and coconut in a bowl. Pour on the slightly beaten egg whites and vanilla.
Melt butter over a gentle heat until barely warm, not hot, test temperature with your finger tips. 
Pour onto the ingredients in the bowl and mix thoroughly.
Press half the mixture into a cake tin 7" square or similar.
Add just a couple of drops of pink colouring to make a pretty colour and press this onto the white layer. Pop into the fridge and allow to get quite cool and set before cutting into squares.

Looks perfectly ducky in cellophane bags tied with ribbon and is much more sumptuous than the usual recipes found in old cook books.


  1. My husband adores everything coconut, this being a favourite. I shall have to make some for him now! Meg:)

  2. It certainly looks worth all the searching for such a family favourite. I've got terrible cravings now.

  3. Love it. I will have to make it for your mother-in-law. Can I please put a sticker on the little jug !!

  4. Oooh yum! My mouth started watering as soon as I read the header.


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