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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Consequences and Green Salsa

The consequence of a bigger garden ....
Is more food.....

Piles of it in fact! Everywhere I look!
Many people have asked us in the past why we chose to move the country? Our short answer is "that we wanted to grow more food" 

(Carrot weighed in at 1.2kg and was sweet and tender)

And the shearer hasn't failed me. 
More food takes more time for preserving and that's pretty much what we've been doing the past month since I saw you last.

(Blackberry picking down by the river)

And of course there is the associated time taken by the garden and harvesting itself.

But we are having a ball and nearly every jar is filled for the year ahead.

This is a new to me recipe this year and one I'll be making EVERY year if I get the opportunity with a glut of green tomatoes. It's "Green Tomato Salsa" and the recipe is from The Healthy Canning site here. You'll want to pin this one! It doesn't look real pretty but, oh my, the flavour AND what a brilliant way to use green tomatoes. It's delicious as an accompaniment to corn chips and sour cream or topping for nachos or as a pizza topping or part of a cheese board. Sensational!

And in the midst, the grandson turned three and had a Toy Story party. Can you believe it!
Where does the time go?


  1. My goodness, Julian is 3 already! What a lovely cake for your little man!! 🎂 You have a very impressive lot of preserved food...and being homegrown too makes it extra special.

  2. I can only dream of producing lots of food like that. What an impressive carrot! Meg:)

  3. What a busy time you've had, Tanya; fabulous post seeing all that lovely produce. That green tomato salsa looks and sounds wonderful. I'm just about to start my veggie growing here in England (runner beans, tomatoes and bell peppers in tubs on my balcony) and I love having a treat of fried green tomatoes at the end of the season. I might have a go at the salsa before then. :)

  4. That picture of the shearer picking berries is so very sweet!

    1. He's a power-picker for sure but I bet there was some snacking going on too!

  5. Long ago a friend of mine grew carrots like that - she attributed the size to the horse manure that went into their vegetable garden every year. Do you have a secret to big and sweet carrots? I suppose it helps to thin them at some point?


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