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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mole Creek District

Our garden club had an excursion to the Mole Creek district so I am going to bore you with lots of garden photos because this little blog is actually a good pictorial reference for me and I find it handy to look back and remember dates, places, inspirations and even future holiday stay options.

After a lovely morning tea at the Deloraine visiting an extraordinary work of art in silk and embroidery and a charming Georgian cottage museum, we travelled northwest into the Mole Creek district and had lunch at Marakoopa Cafe and wandered their gardens admiring autumn colours. We had beautiful music provided by a string three piece, a real treat which added to the unique atmosphere of the cafe.

We admired the raspberry frame.

Their various poultry.

And their various landscaped "rooms"

On to Wychwood and their Glory Vine was a show stopper this year.

I think autumn is the best time to view Wychwood, it never disappoints. 

Next we visited Blackwood Cottages and grounds.
If you are looking for a quiet getaway, this is it! I am definitely ear-marking this for a weekend retreat.

I have glass house envy!

Urn envy...

and iron-work envy!

Stone wall lusting,

And hedging desires.

So easy to picture yourself here....

And more beautiful poultry.
The day was everything I could have wished for.


  1. What lovely places and such gorgeous photos, full of misty-rich colours. Fabulous stuff. :)

  2. Thank you. So lovely to be able to look at gorgeous Autumn gardens even when it's raining here - and at much loved Mole Creek too - what a treat.

  3. I couldn't be torn away from the last place. Oh my goodness!


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