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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Fate of a Suburban Tale...

The furniture is in shrouds and fine dust has settled everywhere.
The rooms echo differently as sound bounces off denuded walls and finds no soft furnishings to burrow into. 

It's time to take stock and assess.
I'm casting a critical eye over possessions that have not seen the light of day and years and cutting some sentimental ties as shelves empty and boxes fill.

The final touches to the fixings....
Isn't it funny how you live with all those little unfinished jobs for years and then,
just as you are about to leave,
get them done for someone else...

Our suburban jubilee is coming to an end.....

Last month I went to a little country town south from here to buy a pair of shoes for winter...
and we bought a house! We weren't shopping for one.

"You don't find houses, they find you"

Do you believe?

So we are moving to a country Georgian cottage.
We are trading our 1/4 acre for 1.7
Over the past five years Suburban Jubilee has been testament to good simple living in the suburbs and that it is entirely possible to live frugally and sustainably and feed your family from a typical 1/4 acre block. We've shared stories, opinions, recipes, gardening tips and maintenance tricks.
Is there any more to add?
As one door closes, another one opens...


  1. Ah, Tanya, we will miss you around here, but can't wait to see what you get up to next, and to pop by and visit on the way to Hobart:) xx

  2. Not much of a blogger these days Tania, but I'm still interested in your comings and goings...and this bittersweet(?) news is both. Your new house is lovely. Wishing you a very happy life at number 145. Thinking of you, Kylie x

  3. Oh oh Tanya!! I can easily see why you would want to buy that cute cottage……its adorable! I'm ever so envious and will be even more so if you now tell me that its in Oatlands!??? My fave town in all of Tassie! I'm thinking not, though……
    All the very best for your move and I do hope you continue to blog as I'd love to live in a cottage like that and even vicariously would do!

  4. Ohhhh how exciting. Yes we have made our house all nice for the new owners too but that is life. I look forward to hearing all about this next adventure you are embarking on.

  5. New adventures await. . .I hope you will continue to share them.

  6. How exciting for you. A whole new adventure. I hope we see a Country or Rural Jubilee. Gosh that is so true about living with unfinished jobs until one decides it is time to sell, then there is the rush to get all those little jobs done!

  7. Congratulations and even better you didn't have to spend 6 months constantly looking for the house of your dreams. What a lovely way to find a house, buy a pair of shoes. I look forward to your new adventures in your new house and land. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  8. Look forward to hearing all about your new property and lifestyle :-)

  9. OH my goodness Tanya, what a surprise.......congratulations.
    So you are experiencing the joys and delights of packing and moving house. All the best with it, hope it goes smoothly.
    How exciting to find a new home and begin a new adventures.....all the very best...xx

  10. I'm really happy for you.
    Blessings Gail.


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