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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Packing Prizes for our Tour

We're down to the last couple of sleeps before the Knitting/Crochet Tour of 2015.
This year we are heading towards north west Tasmania from Launceston.
Everyone gets a bag on arrival and instead of a mystery knit this year, we have chosen to do a charity blanket for a shipment to Nepal. so we should end up with a blanket of crocheted and knit squares by the end of the trip.
Art Viva, producer of Tasmanian hand made oak knitting needles has provided a pair of 4mm needles for everyone to try and one lucky person will be taking them home.

Also in the bags are lucky door tickets for the draw of LOTS of prizes including several surprises donated by Cranberry Crafts, and a map of Ulverstone where we'll be spending our lunchtime. 

I've made some knitting stitch markers and packed sets in small organza bags for some of the prize draws. (Thanks Susie for the inspiration) These are easily (I use the term loosely) made from supplies at any craft/beading shop and they are a great gift to keep in mind for your knitting friends.

And a commemorative CD of knitting music.
All music was bought legally and downloaded from various sites, some I had never heard of before, so if you are patient and search, you'd be surprised the music you can find.
This is one of my favourite knitting songs. Enjoy and pretend you're on the bus with us!


  1. Aren't you clever to make stitch markers AND a fabulous music CD - the participants are going to be excited and pleased when open their treat bags! Have a great trip.

  2. a lovely idea and I am sure you will all enjoy yourselves.

  3. What a fun trip you will all have. I have been practicing my crochet again and slowly but surely I am getting my tension sorted out.

  4. Was great to have your group come through my place of work today! Hope you all had a great day!

  5. OMG! Knitting/Crochet tours?! Sounds like the perfect holiday!!

  6. OMG! Knitting/Crochet tours?! Sounds like the perfect holiday!!


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