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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Special Activities For A Baby Shower

"Wishes For Baby"
was a lovely activity that Alana organised for Emma's baby shower. It gave guests the opportunity to pen some words of love and support that were very powerful for Emma to reflect upon later. Alana printed up some sheets with words like
"I hope you learn........"
"I hope you ignore......"
"I hope you never forget......."
allowing guests to fill in the blanks.
I set up a small table and just two chairs down the back of the garden in the cool shade of the apple tree where guests could reflect in quiet time and consider their wishes.
Emma covered a lidded box and created a slot for people to post their completed wishes so that guests had the freedom of complete privacy to write what they really felt and wanted to share with Emma and her baby.
She will draw strength and encouragement from them in the months and years to come and she may even want to scrapbook them as momentos of this time.

Another really special idea Alana came up with was this canvas. She painted the tree trunk and branches with the borders giving people at the shower the opportunity to make a thumb or finger print with green ink and write their name on their unique "leaf"
It is another beautiful touching momento of the shower that we are able to look back on. This tree contains "leaves" from every chapter of Emma's life; family, friends, carers.

 She will remember this day as not just a party but also as a celebration of love and support and embrace from some of the very important people in her life. Just as the leaves of a tree help to nourish, support and breathe for the tree, so too do all these people represented on Emma's special tree. This is a tangible reminder of her support network for times when she may need help and encouragement. I'll be pinning these ideas to use at another opportunity for sure.

We also played some silly fun games too of course.
Don't say "baby" or you lose a peg. The person with the most pegs at the end of the day wins.
Estimate the circumference of Emma's tummy and cut a piece of string, closest size measurement wins.

A blind baby food test - guess what the ingredients are. THAT was very interesting!

We also had ice cubes with babies frozen inside and the first one to melt and their baby to be "born" won a prize.

In theme with our garden setting and style our prizes were decorated cartons of home laid eggs and baskets of home grown vegetables. Also garden trowels and home saved seeds in home made seed packets. I could have sworn I took photos but I must have forgotten in all the excitement.


  1. I haven't been to a shower in years, but I love these ideas.

  2. Some great ideas there Tanya, love the idea of the guests writing down their wishes for Emma.
    Nice to look back and know that you have support....
    Games are always fun and helps make the day memorable too.....

    Claire X

  3. My daughter is pregnant and I wish I lived closer so that I could use those ideas to give her a baby shower.

  4. Such beautiful ideas, Tanya! xx


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