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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Peter Rabbit's Food

I'm not going to bore you with the entire menu list but I did think there were a couple tips worth mentioning if you are wanting to theme along these lines.
The fresh crunchy vegetable platters were popular starters. I managed to get a couple of mini cabbages from the girls at the growers market that I go to and this was an ideal size to put the Tzatziki dip in. Alana cut the top third off and then cut and also used a tablespoon to make a cavity big enough. We had a corn relish dip in the capsicum half.

Here she is, the gorgeous Alana, with her mini carrot cakes frosted with a cream cheese and maple syrup frosting. They were divine! But the decorations were so fabulous. She made carrots, mini peas in pods and rabbits from marzipan. They were sooo cute.

We also got the idea for these little cheesecakes from Patches Of Heaven but I worked out a recipe and will include it below because this was soooo easy and I will definitely be doing this again for other crowd catering functions. The little tubes are about 75ml and I got them and the mini spoons from a caterers supplier. This "recipe" could be adapted and changed in so many ways and I love that there is no waiting for things to set and each layer can be made and spooned in. I found using a parfait spoon was the perfect spoon for this job. This recipe uses a number of very Australian ingredients (as in the packaging style and sizing) so if you live overseas you will have to do a bit of research to find your equivalents.

Layered Mini Cheesecakes
makes 30 x 75ml tubes

1 packet of gingernut biscuits (cookies) crushed
place as the base layer in the tube

Whip together 1 packet of Philadelphia cream cheese 
and 1 tin of condensed milk
with the juice of one lemon
place a layer in the tube atop the biscuit

Roughly blend 500g of mixed frozen berries 
with a couple of tablespoons of icing sugar
and a tablespoon of grenadine
so that you have a lumpy sauceish fruity layer
don't process it too finely as it is about texture as well as flavours.

Whip 300ml of cream
Top off the layers and add a berry on top for decoration.

The idea is that the guests can dig spoon through the layers with their mini spoons and get creaminess and tart berry flavours with gooey cheesecake richness and the crunch of biscuit.

My friend Kat has also used a gingernut base with cheesecake flavoured with orange zest, elderflower concentrate and rosewater and a blueberry compote on top. She is a divine master baker but you see what I mean about adapting the recipe. You could even do a tiramisu themed layer or a tropical style with coconut and pineapple....

Lots and lots of good things to eat, most of themed around produce from Mr McGregor's garden; cucumber  sandwiches, asparagus rolls, mini quiches and chicken, celery, walnut rounds and all washed down with icy elderflower punch.
Huge thanks to the girls helping me and to all the people who surprised us with platters too!


  1. Everything looks delicious! I am definitely going to remember to serve fresh veggies and dip like that.

  2. Me Too, its funny how it seems obviously when someone shows you. I have an event coming up (morning tea) great ideas, thankyou.

    1. I dont know what drugs i was on when i typed the above. Words just seem to come out wrong.

  3. What a wonderful spread ... and mostly so healthy too!!

  4. What a lovely bunch of recipe ideas! I've loved looking at your Peter Rabbit party - it really reminds me of simple, happy old fashioned times! Lovely!


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