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Friday, February 14, 2014

My Basic Soap Recipe

I made soap for the return thanks favours.
The soap ideally needs 6 weeks to cure and harden so it will be just right when the baby is born.

Here is my recipe:
I used 2000g beef tallow for moisturising quality and bar hardness
1000g olive oil for creaminess and lather
250g coconut oil to give cleaning but not enough to be too stripping
1235g distilled water
443g lye
48g of blended essential oil (lavender, lime and bergamot).

After removing them from the mould and cutting into bars I stamped them with a set of alphabet cookie "stamps" that I purchased from Avon a while ago. You can stamp with rubber stamps too but these cookie stamps being rigid give a great impression.
We then followed the invitation theme through to the the thank you packaging.


  1. I love homemade soaps - your bars look great with the impression.

  2. Beautiful soap and cute stamping and thanks for sharing the recipe. This year is my year of making soaps for the family and gifts too to go with my hand made washers.

  3. I love the idea of your return gift :-)thankyou for sharing the soap recipe.

  4. Brilliant! I just bought some bergamot goat's milk lotion. Smells so good! I've been thinking about making a soap with that scent, but it isn't terribly common in the States.


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