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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Peace On Earth" 2013

In keeping with this year's theme I've kept it simple with some home made ornaments and a cream lace "garland" (don't know where the red popcorn one is but here is a link to the "how to make")
You may remember these hearts that I made in an acid citrus theme? I used the same template in red accents.
The cute little salt dough bird ornaments were made by Lee's children and the red felt trees by her mum. The tree was grown by Lee herself and lovingly groomed and pruned at her Christmas Tree Farm. Doesn't get much more special than that!

Emma and I had a lovely evening making the gift tags and wrapping the gifts for under the tree.
Again, brown paper, hessian/burlap, string and country red ribbons.

Often I feel a bit squirmy when so many of our Christmas songs sung at Christmas time reflect northern hemisphere sentiments; "sleigh-bells tinkling", "let it snow, let it snow...", "dreaming of a white Christmas" but this year Tasmania seems to be doing it's best to imitate a wintry northern hemisphere Christmas. I can remember a couple of years when there has been snow on the mountains on Christmas Day, perhaps not quite that cold this year fingers crossed. Unlike our mainland Aussies who are sweltering over their dinners we will be very comfortable running the oven and baking a selection of roasted fare.

Wherever you are, north or south, wishing you a simple and beautiful Christmas too.
Happy birthday baby Jesus, we celebrate that you were born and shone your light around and gave us a guiding light to follow.


  1. Merry Christmas Tanya and thank you for so many wonderful posts this year. You have inspired and delighted me/us. Im definitely going to be keeping my eye out for bibs and bobs to make my own gifts next year. I'm looking forward to making a vintage garland and perhaps some of your hearts filled with smelly stuff. Amen to celebrating the birth of Jesus and not bowing down to the almighty cash register on Boxing Day. I see some reading in my near future - 5 days off.

  2. Tanya, I imagine you tucking into a lovely roast dinner as I type......enjoy the time with family and friends........
    It's overcast and cool here which is just lovely. We were planning a ham sandwich and some prawns in the shade of a Willow by a creek somewhere.........assuming we got the 33deg predicted. Might have to be a toasted ham sandwich how, hehe.....
    Whatever you're doing today enjoy it and best wishes to you, Craig and all the family. Wishing you health, happiness, love and laughter throughout 2014.

    Claire, Chris and Richard XXX

  3. Hi there Tanya,

    My apologies for this being a bit late, and I hope you had a lovely Christmas celebration. Those presents look really pretty, who would think that something so simple could look so good. We had a pleasant day here, thank goodness. It was hot either side of Christmas day and hot again this week on New Years eve and day, that is to be expected I suppose :)

    Wishing you all the best for 2014!



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