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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cream on White

This year we have themed Christmas simple, naive, country with a pinch of Scandinavian.
We have finally completed painting the dining and lounge room in Wattyl "Sierra Blanca" painting out all the natural timber skirtings and window trims in gloss white.

The result is fresh and light while still maintaining a hint of warmth which is important as most of the year our climate is cool.
It gives a great neutral background for warmer toned timbers and furnishings and art works. It reminds me of cream with wattle seeds whipped through it but without the flecks.

Everything takes on a new hue next to it. We have left the mantle natural  along with the sandstone fireplace but deciding to paint the trims was a big decision. I like to think carefully about making changes for "fashion" sake and though we might think some fittings "daggy" and "old fashioned" someone in generations to come might lament that we ripped out or destroyed key features.
The cream on white has been a joy to decorate for Christmas and we feel fresher and lighter.

Decorating could't have been simpler this year.
The craft wood letters above are not even finished with anything, simply left in their raw state. The wreath is an old one from at least two decades ago. In front the scene on an infinite puzzle block of pictures by colonial artist John Glover reminding me of a snippet from a carol "the cattle are lowing". Two small boxes made from cloves lending Christmas scents every time they are touched and a handy place to store the matches.

I bought 25cm of this printed linen/cotton fabric and have simply used it as is for a runner on the coffee table no hemming or straightening, so simple. A touch of white and a change the bamboo coasters for cut crystal ones looking like perpetually frozen snowflakes.

I've added only two new cushions in simple printed calico that I bought for just $5 each at a market in the tiny town of Tunbridge in the midlands one wintry trip to Hobart. So glad I stopped. I've spring cleaned the books and polished all the furniture giving the leather chairs some reviving too.

The dining table has been treated to a new runner from Target (that's tar-shjay) in a linen look fabric, almost like a tame-hessian (burlap) and a polished shell dish and horn bowl for condiments. Very natural, very neutral and very simple.
But talk about simple...

The old wreath that gets decorated and stripped every year has had the easiest makeover ever. 
A vacuum and some hessian/burlap cut into a strip a couple of inches wide, twisted and twirled around and then the battery operated lights on top. A piece of plain wire to suspend the gorgeous heart of tiny, tiny sleigh bells that Tegan bought for me, gosh I think it was way back in April!

And a new find for the entryway.
Again - keeping it simple.
For me, being a Christian is to be someone who tries to live a Christ-like life; someone who uses Christ as a role model. You can read hundreds of texts and translate a million verses but I find the simplest are the best. 
I acknowledge Christ as one of my role models and he directs my path.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
It's the only law we should need.


  1. Beautiful Tanya. From beginning to end.

  2. It's very elegant and inviting. Nice job!

  3. Such simple ideas that come together beautifully. We have ummed and arrrred about painting our skirting boards and architraves. We have soft yellow walls and stained pine. It looks lovely but is getting old (18 yrs).

  4. So elegant, Tanya. And I love what you have written in the last 2 paragraphs...


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