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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Curtain Close for 2013

It's been another cracker of a year; my fourth year of blogging and I'm gratified to still have many old faces turning up in the comments and thrilled every time someone new joins our conversations too.
The tutorial for the waffle crochet stitch still draws a huge crowd daily but aside from the usual popular posts of all time, readers were most interested in seasonal food, herbs and organic growing.

Most popular recipe goes to....

Most popular post of 2013 goes to....

about organic backyard growing and also eliciting the most comments.

The Living Better Group met together every month for another year learning about growing, foraging, preserving, brewing, baking and many other home crafts.

I personally feel that 
was one of my most important stories.

My Tasmanian holiday was my most treasured time of the year, particularly our wooden boat picnic on the Coal River in historic Richmond.

We had a lot of fun with 

I met Tino Carnivale and saw Paul Kelly
Australia had a change of government and our living rooms had a change of colour.
and we even learnt

We have had happy times and avoided controversy.
Next year I anticipate our lives will shift again as we move into the role of grand parents.
I do hope there will be another year of blogging and I hope you will be with me through the next year. Thank you for your kindness and interest throughout the last twelve months.
Wishing you all the very best for the New Year


  1. Always love visiting your blog Tanya, for interesting info, handy hints and great recipes.......Loved the beetroot/carrot salad recipe and have received many compliments when I've made it.....thankyou.
    Missed your 'cleaning your vacuum cleaner head' post, but have just read it. Was going to feel all virtuous after cleaning my vac head, but it's all plastic and not a screw in slight. But I think it' could still do with a good wipe over and clean anyway.
    Here's to 2014, I'm sure you and Craig will make wonderful grandparents and look forward to another year of reading your blog posts.....

    Claire Xx

  2. Love reading your blog, Tanya. All the best for the New Year!

  3. Thank you Tanya for the effort it takes to write such great posts. I and im sure many others, truly appreciate them. I dont know how i missed some of these thought. I agree, they are great.

  4. Love, love reading your blog, and learning so much from you, and The Living Better Group. Thanks for writing and sharing all your wisdom:)

  5. Happy new year, dear friend! BTW, prolly 99% of those washcloth views were me trying to figure it out, yet again...
    Oh, and the soap stamping, That's me trolling over there, too.
    And sunflowers, of course, when I need a lift.
    And elderberry syrup, and orange peels, and on and on and on....

  6. Happy New Year! Look forward to checking out the 'best of the best' tomorrow:)


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