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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Straight To The Pool Room

Aren't these fabulous little retro salt and peppers and in their own little crate no less!
Some time ago, I got the MOST intriguing and surprising present in the post from a fellow blogger all the way on the other side of Australia. She had filled it with Tasmanian paraphernalia (girl you op shop too much or West Australians love to travel and souvenir!)
These are going "Straight to the pool room" 

(this is a saying from a cult Australiana film that is instantly recognisable and part of the vernacular of most Australians. It is from the movie "The Castle")

Let's see what else Kylie sent me...

A very flash red apron (true colour, I didn't saturate)

Most exciting - it even has a picture of the Launceston Town Hall on it!

A relic from the folk art period of the 1980s when if it didn't move it was painted with flowers. There is much speculation that this is actually turned from Huon Pine, a very precious and ancient timber from this region used particularly for ship building. There are a couple of men here dying to give it a sand....

But the piece de resistance.... don't know what you are looking at do you and I can imagine you are scratching your heads...
Here's a clue

That's right, she is an "Applefolk".
I remember seeing these down in the Huon Valley in old orchard country sold in souvenir shops. Kylie you might be amazed to read more about them here

The heads are carved from real apples and then left dry and "wizen". Mmmmm attractive hey but they are classified as a "doll" and "collectible".
Well Miss Violet Vintage Blue, I have been trying my hardest to reciprocate with some giggly Western Australian souvenir classics but so far nothing! Perhaps we Tasmanians don't as often make the trek to the other side! Or Kylie just has a much keener eye. She certainly has got an eye for detail and design and I love her blog. It's a mixture of home design/style/retro celebration and her cooking is hysterical! Trust me, she won't mind me saying that. 
Thanks Kylie xxx
These Are Going Straight To The Pool Room

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  1. What a collection of retro souvenirs Kylie picked up in WA. That apple doll is a hoot and I just love (not) the colour of the apron.


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