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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hedgerow Harvest Time

Almost time to get your gloves on and head for hedgerows!
Wild rosehips are best picked after the first frost maybe some of your districts have already had one.
You can re-visit my post including recipe for making rosehip cordial here but before you do a reminder....

The Living Better Group 
meets this Thursday 
26th April 2013
at the new venue
The Workers' Club
66 Elizabeth St Launceston.

Brad takes us through his Hawberry Sauce making using hawthorn berries
Kay is teaching us to make Sloe Wine (not gin) from sloe berries
I'll be taking you through the rosehip cordial process.

Next month (30th May) Elisha will take us through her chemical free cleaning and I'll be talking about common coughs and cold remedies to get you through the winter months.

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